The Designer:

Amor Nfermo Founder James Corrine also known as Stylez created the idea for the brand when he moved away from his hometown Dallas, Texas to the busy streets of Los Angeles in 2015. It first started as a fashion project to create meaningful designs that have longevity and will remain timeless. Noticing how wasteful this industry was Stylez took a major step forward by producing up-cycled garments that he would find thrifting around LA and giving them new life to be worn. In 2020 during the pandemic many business failed to produce, this was not the case for Stylez. Instead he decided to invest in his business and buy a more equipped sewing machine as well as learn the embroidery process for his designs. At this point he noticed an incline on one of one garments and applied his sewing/embroidery skills to implement a bigger growth within the brand. In 2022 he noticed another trend within the clothing industry and this included luxurious unique garments which made him pay attention to detail of the model rather than the design. So he decided to implement two sides to the brand; one that is street oriented including provocative designs and a vintage look, while the other is a luxurious but simple way of designs that could be worn on a day to day basis. Today Stylez still runs the brand as a one man army including designing, producing, marketing, branding, and shipping. In hopes of one day turning his brand to a household name for those looking to elevate their wardrobe. 


The Brand:

Amor Nfermo is a spanish phrase that translates to "Love Sick". Upon moving to California Stylez realized that his love ran deep for many things whether it was music, fashion, or relationships. But at one point he noticed that as much as he loved these things he would always be conflicted between them because he could never accomplish what his goal was set out for. Unfortunately this began to take a toll on his mental health which later led to depression. Once these two different personalities merged Stylez quickly realized he wasn't the only one that felt this way. At this point the idea of creating a brand that revolves around utter chaos but expresses meaningful and deep love started to emerge. Today the brands motto is "Beware Snakes In LA" which was created to remind those that love something to hold onto it tight so when the snakes bites you don't lose it.